Jacob Harker is a Bay Area native.  After attending UCLA for his undergraduate studies, he traveled abroad to teach English in Asia.  He returned to the Bay Area to attend UC Hastings and became licensed to practice law in 2008.  In Law School, Mr. Harker earned the Witkin Award for Excellence in Contracts and Property Law.  He also received the CALI Award for excellence in Trial Advocacy.

Mr. Harker spent a year and a half working at the San Francisco and Marin County Public Defenders' Offices.  Building on that experience, he opened his own practice in 2009 where he focused on assisting individuals and small companies with a variety of legal issues.

In 2013, Mr. Harker became heavily involved in Anti-Spam Litigation representing individual recipients of unwanted "spam" email under California's Anti-Spam Law.  To this day, Anti-Spam Litigation represents the majority of Mr. Harker's practice.